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Key Services

International InterCo Pack 

This concise intercompany operations handbook covers all sides of work between Your Company and its Distributors and Agents. Objective: To smooth business operations so Your Company can concentrate on wealth creation and avoid wasting time sorting out problems avoidable by establishing clear methods at the start. Subjects include Finance, Ordering, Transport, Contacts, Training, Communications/Promotion and covers topics such as IncoTerms, including an Incoterms poster in your company style.

Product Information Packs - Now with FREE simplified graphic chart!

For a successful product launch and sustained sales. All aspects including markets applications, key points of the products, competitor arguments and responses, SWOT analysis, sole source justifications, tender specifications, pocket guide and a huge range of other documents.

Promotion Tools

Advertisement content/creation, Press releases, Posters, e-Mail campaigns, Invoice messages, Stickers, Vouchers, Gadgets, Telephone waiting time messages.


Structure, Content, Certificates, Documentation, Presentations, Registration procedures, Required profile of attendees, Evaluation of effectiveness, Continuing follow-up training to keep sales and service teams on the ball.
Dramatic presentations at events.
Provide basic sales training. Routine sales/product quizzes for sales team.

Classic Services

Commercial Documents

Brochures, Product flyers, Event flyers, Catalogues.

Communication Standards

Methods and devices to improve operational efficiency.

Graphic Chart

Stationery (US & International formats), Compliments slips, Visiting cards, CD labels and jackets, Advertisement layouts, e-Mail blast graphics, PowerPoint design, self-training PowerPoint file.


Make your documents stand out with first class artwork produced by a leading artist and illustrator. Reinforce the level of sophistication in your establishment with a portrait of the owner, founder or a keystone product.

Programmed Promotion

e-Newsletter campaigns, Space purchase in journals and on websites.

Technical Documents

User manuals, Service manuals. Technical Service Notes.


Technical translation between English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Ukrainian...

Website Plan - Corporate / Company  

Evaluation of your existing website with improvement suggestions.

Development of a structure for a company website that can develop into a fully functional corporate website. The complete plan would be established at the outset with objectives, rules, and the ability to switch in functions at different stages and include fully interactive support for a dealer network. AAM ensures that the comprehensive plan can be implemented at your own pace without the site needing restructuring along the way.

Execution of website creation with update management tool (creation by experienced associate web professionals).