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 About Aardvarks  

The name comes from Afrikaans (derived from Dutch) for ‘Earth Pig’ or ‘Ground Pig’ (aarde earth/ground, varken pig).

With such a name, it comes top of every list, just like Aardvark Action Marketing.

It is not related to the pig or South American anteater, but the elephant / elephant shrew.

For your own Aardvark, take Action now and make the origami Aardvark (below) from Alex Bateman of the Sanger Institute (research centre that mapped the Human Genome).

Its colour is pale yellow/grey, but is frequently stained red by the earth that it digs.

Aardvarks are nocturnal, doing things while you relax, like Aardvark Action Marketing.

It is found in sub-Saharan Africa, where there are termites and ants.

You can pass through walls at night if you wear a charm made from the Aardvark, according to Hausa magicians. AAM magic enables you to achieve difficult objectives.

Its chromosomes date back millions of years; it lives up to 24 years.

Its tongue is long and sticky to collect prey and it has a strong sense of smell.

If you like to laugh, Aardvark Action Marketing can help you here with YouTube.

The Aardvark's main predators are lions, leopards, hyenas, hunting dogs and python.

The flesh is eaten smoked or salted (but not by the lions!) and is considered a delicacy.

To print the instructions for making your own aardvark, right click on an image, select "Copy Image", open a new page in a word processor then press Control+V. Stretch the image to fit the page then print it. Do the same for the second image (from step 28).