Consultants in Marketing & Sales . . . Specialists in Marketing Science

             The following non-exhaustive list of achievements proves the potential that      we can bring to successfully marketing your company and it products  

Designed and launched a product in the UK that achieved 70% market share within 18 months of launch, although an unknown brand, multiplying the market by a factor of 5 and outselling the world market leader by 4:1.

Assisted Brazilian distributor to grow market share in Blood Banking from 5% to 80% in just 5 years and successfully launch Biosafety & Laminar Flow Cabinets against local manufacturers at 1/3 of the price.

Set up a successful distributor network in India whereby the network acted as a single national entity, providing crossover service and product support in each others’ regions, depending upon their specific expertise.

Assisted in gaining a French company's largest ever orders in the Middle East for -80°C Deep Freezers (80x) and Large Floor-model Centrifuges (97x).

Established a brand of centrifuge as one of only 3 preferred brands for all UK universities.

Negotiated exclusive supplier deal for media preparation equipment and centrifugation to a nationwide government veterinary service. The deal remained operational for 7 years.

Introduced continuous, on-the-job sales & product training for a multinational corporation.

Built up a market share exceeding 50% in the UK in membrane filtration and held it against 5 other competitors, including world-wide #1 brand.

Doubled PR exposure, trebled lead input, without increasing the PR budget.

Took a 15% market share in electrophoresis scanning densitometers after only 15 months from zero, with an unknown brand competing against 8 established brands.

Maintained 100% market share in vaccine purification centrifugation in Latin America.

Managed the most profitable cost centre as % of turnover within a multinational group for 4 out of 5 years.

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